I ❤️ My Mom And Dad

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We are just finishing the Thanksgiving holiday and I want to share how much I love my mom and dad. I am so blessed to have both my mom and dad spend the Thanksgiving holiday with me and the family the last few years. I am blessed they make the long drive from California to Washington and spend at least a week with us. We have family along the way so my parents are able to spend time with them as well. Thanksgiving is the one holiday on the dairy that we never have to arrive late and then leave early in order to get chores done. This year, after an amazing turkey dinner, we were able to also make lefse. Lefse is a family tradition that I am so excited she is helping me to pass on to my kids. We even managed to catch a movie, Frozen 2, another tradition during the Thanksgiving break. Of course Mother Nature had to bless us with 19 degrees and snow, we always joke my mom likes to bring the snow from California. I am so blessed to have such an amazing mom and dad. Thank you for another wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Moms and the need for Dairy innovation

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I’m a dairy farmer. I’m a mom of 3. I am very busy and always on the go. Meals are usually while I am on the road. From snack size cheese, protein bars, or dairy based coffee beverages, it’s what gets me through the day. My biggest challenge is finding dairy based products that are higher in protein and lower in sugar. Anyone who has been paying attention to consumer trends knows this is the trend. So I ask dairy processors, please innovate. Please look at the trend of higher protein and lower sugar. I am blessed I have a few options available for me to purchase in my small town. But, more options are always appreciated.

Soccer and Chocolate Milk

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My daughter is a serious soccer player. Most serious athletes have a favorite recovery drink. I’m happy to say my daughter has never liked the traditional “go to” recovery drinks. Thankfully science has provided great proof that chocolate milk is an excellent choice. Many colleges and schools are using chocolate milk as the preferred sports recovery drink. As we enter the championship season of high school soccer, I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage other serious athletes and parents to use chocolate milk as their beverage of choice.

Autism and Labor Issues

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Homework station in the milking parlor.

I am sure you are wondering what is the relationship between Autism and Labor Issues? We are currently experiencing the “lack” of a reliable employee on our farm. Yes, we had a millennial age employee decide to just not show up for work. To be honest, we were given a heads up when she posted on her Facebook page that she was looking for a new job. So what does this have to do with our son with autism?

Our son is having some major problems with missing assignments (more than my fingers and toes). So while we need to milk the cows, we must also balance trying to get caught up in school and completing missing assignments. It is tough trying to balance both issues. I am doing my best and hope while getting the cows milked 3 nights a week I can also help my son develop a system to stay on top of homework and successfully navigate his way through Sophomore year.

Why a Family Farm?

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A Family Farm is where the entire family works together, plays together, and makes a life together.

The Family Farm

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A little “Swiss” humor this morning

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