Sun-Ton Farms

Dairy Farming through the eyes of a former "city" girl. I am blessed to be able to work along side my husband of over 20 years and help care for our cows, calves, and beautiful farm.

Well, this has been a crazy week.  My daughter and I have started our journey into the 4-H sewing world.  Fashion Revue, Modeling, Consumer Review, and set-up.  This sewing thing is pretty involved.  All at the same time, the kids are washing, clipping, and leading their dairy project animals.  Life is pretty hectic around the farm.  Sunday, the chickens will enter the frenzy.  Bubble baths and blow outs for 12 chickens.  My washroom will be a disaster for a few hours.

Did I mention the zucchini have started to arrive??  As a good friend of my said “Lock your doors, it is zucchini time”.  I have all ready taken 1 load to a friend and started to comb my cookbooks for 1000 different ways to cook and freeze zucchini.  I just finished a Chocolate Zucchini Cake and the house smells so yummy.  Next is Zucchini tots and Zucchini Pizza.  We will enjoy quite a variety of zucchini dishes by the time we get to November.  Off to cook…..

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