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Our 3rd child was diagnosed with autism when he was around 3 years old.  From the beginning, I knew something was not right. But, that is not the story is our son has been under the care of a wonderful doctor Dr. Greene.  Dr. Greene is located in Oregon City, Oregon.  He is an amazing person who gave us hope that we could unlock Joey from his autism.  I never looked to Dr. Greene to “cure” the autism.  I looked to Dr. Greene to help us develop the tools to manage his autism and hopefully allow Joey to function as normally as possible.  Over the past 5 years we have made an incredible transformation.  Joey is able to attend a regular school and most people who meet him for the first time would never guess he is on the Autism Spectrum.  He has done so well that we did not need to see Dr. Greene for a long time.

We made the trip to Oregon City yesterday for a much needed visit.  Our visit with Dr. Greene went very well.  He has recommended some additional supplements to help address self regulation and impulsiveness.  Dr. Greene also wanted to check different levels in Joey’s system so this required quite a bit of blood work.  Most adults do not appreciate needles and for sure my 8 year old did not like it either.  Because he did such an amazing job allowing the nurses to draw 10 vials of blood I promised a trip to The Disney Store.  We headed to the Clackamas Mall and enjoyed a Jamba Juice and Joey picked out a “Bucket of Army Men” from The Disney Store.  We enjoyed the festive atmosphere of the mall for just a bit, I had to get Joey back for choir practice.  We left the Clackamas Mall at 2:00 p.m.  Not until we returned home did we find out the nightmare that fell upon the mall.

I titled this post as “Perspective”.  Here is why.  My heart truly breaks for this unspeakable tragedy and what is has done to the amazing people in this great community.  While I consider my son and I very lucky it was hard for me not be angry.  I was angry because we would never had been near this tragedy if we were not dealing with the whole issue of autism.  It is hard to understand why things happen, everyone says things happen for a reason.  I do not think I will ever understand why some crazy individual unleashed so much heartache on so many innocent people.  Just like I will never understand why we were blessed with a beautiful boy who just so happens to suffer from autism.  Some day I hope I can find perspective and maybe it will finally make sense.

Our son Joey who was diagnosed with autism at age 3

Our son Joey who was diagnosed with autism at age 3

Cow Fact for the Day

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On our farm, calves live in clean, dry individual pens called calf hutches where they have ample space to move about freely.  These calf hutches protect them from other members of the herd and our rainy inclement weather.


Holidays and Cows!!

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One thing every dairy farmer has in common is we work every holiday.  Ask any dairy farmer what their typical workweek is and they will usually respond “I work everyday and usually 60-70 hours a week”.  Even when the schools, post office, banks, and Federal and State offices close for another mandatory holiday, the cows need to be milked and fed.  But just because dairy farmers put in long hours taking care of their cows and farms, they can still have some fun.  Check out this picture of a cute Brown Swiss calf.

Brown Swiss Reindeer

Brown Swiss Reindeer

Originating in the Swiss Alps, Brown Swiss adapt well to high altitudes and hot or cold climates, while producing large volumes of milk, ideal for cheese-making. Their unique ability to yield high components with an ideal fat-to-protein ratio sets them apart from other dairy breeds. Correct feet and legs, well-attached udders and dairy strength contribute to their exceptional productive life, allowing them to thrive in any modern dairy set-up. Style, balance and fancy frames also make Brown Swiss easy winners at county, state, national and international shows.

Christmas with a Holstein

Christmas with a Holstein

Holstein dairy cattle dominate this country’s milk production industry. The reason for their popularity is clear: unexcelled production, greater income over feed costs, unequaled genetic merit, and adaptability to a wide range of environmental conditions. Added up, this means more profit for the dairy producer who milks Holsteins. This point becomes even clearer when you consider that nine of every 10 dairy producers currently milk Holsteins.

As you can see, dairy farmers can have fun during the holidays creating a little Christmas Magic with one of our baby calves.  One must admit they are pretty adorable!!

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