Even Dairy Farms have preemies

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As a 4th generation Dairy Farmer, one would think we have seen and are able to handle almost anything.  Every now and then we are surprised when a cow calves EARLY!!  We make every effort to make sure when our cows calve they have a nice clean area in which to have their babies.  When a cow calves early it is very difficult for the calf to survive.  They tend to suffer from the same issues a premature human baby will be susceptible to – Lung Issues.  With that as a challenge, if the calf survives, we make sure to vaccinate the calf for these issues and then hope for the best.  Right now I have an adorable bull calf that was born very early.  So far he is doing well and I hope he will continue to make progress.  Needless to say my kids and I have become very attached to him and of course we named him Chocolate.  So, for now “Chocolate” has a great spot in our shop where it is dry and warm.  Stay tuned for updates on his progress.

Chocolate at 2 days old

Chocolate at 2 days old

Chocolate is about 21" tall at 3 days old

Chocolate is about 21″ tall at 3 days old



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