“Let it Go” and enjoy the Turkey and Dairy!!

I heard on the radio that the average calorie consumption for Thanksgiving is something like 4000 calories!!!  Holy Cow!!  That is a ton of calories, thank goodness Thanksgiving only happens once a year.  With that said, 2 of my priorities are eating right and working out every day.  Growing up in California, I believe thisContinue reading ““Let it Go” and enjoy the Turkey and Dairy!!”

Farm Tours – I love showing off our farm!!

I love when people come to visit our farm!!  It is so easy to get focused on all the day to day things it takes to run a successful organic dairy.  Healthy calves, clean barns, accurate and up to date paperwork, and on……  It is very easy to lose sight of the fact that soContinue reading “Farm Tours – I love showing off our farm!!”

Preemie “Chocolate” Update

A few weeks ago I addressed the issue that dairy farms occasionally have premature calves.  We were lucky enough to have the cutest premature calf who had a will to live.  My kids named this adorable little guy “Chocolate”.  Since that post, I have had questions about him and his status.  It was a toughContinue reading “Preemie “Chocolate” Update”

Bucket List Item #1 “Fertilizer Buggy Driver”

As a dairy farmer, we tend to have bucket list items that include amazing vacations to amazing destinations, meeting important people in our industry, or achieving an important recognition from our peers.  I have a “Bucket List Item” I added a few years ago. Fertilizer Applicator Buggy Driver Look at this awesome thing!!  Who wouldn’tContinue reading “Bucket List Item #1 “Fertilizer Buggy Driver””

Calf Care – Why it is my passion

Raising calves on an organic dairy farm in Western Washington is challenging.  We have been certified organic since 2006.  It has been a total reeducation raising calves.  We did a great job raising calves when we were conventional, but we had so many tools at our fingertips to help us care for calves who becameContinue reading “Calf Care – Why it is my passion”