Lefse – A Family Tradition

Lefse – My family has a Scandinavian history.  Growing up, I remember making lefse with my grandmother.  I always remember it being a Christmas time family activity.  My mom, sister, and I would spend a Saturday at “Bobbie’s” house making lefse.  Lefse is similar to a flour tortilla but it is made of potatoes, whippingContinue reading “Lefse – A Family Tradition”

My Last Minute Gifts – Do I have the time??

My last minute Christmas gifts that my kids (all are on break!!) can help with. Christmas is next week, and time is running short for gift buying. What could be more perfect than a gift that’s quick and easy to make and packaged with love? We have a large family and circle of friends soContinue reading “My Last Minute Gifts – Do I have the time??”

We Survived Sedation and the Dentist

A few days ago I wrote about our impeding visit to the dentist with my autistic son.  I am happy to report he tolerated the sedation and dental work very well.  No parent is ok with having their child sedated or under anesthesia.  Unfortunately this was our only option to do some necessary dental workContinue reading “We Survived Sedation and the Dentist”

Autism and a visit to the Dentist

My youngest son is Autistic and last week I posted a blog about the challenge of “Secret Santa”.  Well, we are working our way through “Secret Santa” week – just a few minor issues.  But now it is the Dentist.  No human on this planet likes going to the dentist – PERIOD!!  No one likesContinue reading “Autism and a visit to the Dentist”

What does Autism look like? Many times p

What does Autism look like? Many times people think they know what they typical autistic child look like. I am not sure where they get their idea or opinion but I want people to know what my son looks like. He is 10 years old and a highly functioning autistic child. As we enter theContinue reading “What does Autism look like? Many times p”