What does Autism look like? Many times p

What does Autism look like?
Many times people think they know what they typical autistic child look like. I am not sure where they get their idea or opinion but I want people to know what my son looks like. He is 10 years old and a highly functioning autistic child. As we enter the holidays, we are now working on the “Secret Santa” project at school. When you have an autistic child, normal takes on a whole new meaning. My son’s secret santa made a “wish list”. Without going into detail, if I had not seen this list my son would have bought him all of it. When does a “Secret Santa” deliver a Subway card, Pepsi, fritos, and other junk food. I must remember that I need to explain to my son the true meaning of “Secret Santa” and how we can fun with it. So while my son’s “Secret Santa” may be disappointed he did not receive junk food, I know I will have helped my son learn a more valuable lesson.

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