My son has autism – Now What??

My youngest child has autism.  He was officially diagnosed 6 1/2 years ago.  Like many parents, I KNEW something was not right with our youngest child.  He was not progressing and developing like my older 2 children.  He was exhibiting  the signs of autism I had read about in Parenting magazines and books.  While IContinue reading “My son has autism – Now What??”

5 “Stupid” Myths about Organic Dairy Farming!!

I want to address 5 myths about Organic Dairy Farming and why I believe you are stupid if you believe and REPEAT any of them as truths. 1.  A cow or calf gets sick – you just let her die. Are you serious??  All my cows have names and personalities and are very important toContinue reading “5 “Stupid” Myths about Organic Dairy Farming!!”

Grilled Cheese for a cold miserable day like today PLEASE!!

Winter is a tough time around the farm.  Calves need to get fed, cows need to be bred, all the same chores I enjoy during the summer MUST be done during the winter too!!  BUT, it is cold, rainy, and miserable here in Western Washington.  So when I come in for lunch, soup and aContinue reading “Grilled Cheese for a cold miserable day like today PLEASE!!”

What a great 2014!!

As I sit here and listen to “Let It Go” on the Ryan Seacreast New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show, I sit back and realize what a great 2014 our farm and family enjoyed.  As with any year on a dairy farm, there are always highs AND lows.  But overall our farm and family had aContinue reading “What a great 2014!!”