What a great 2014!!

As I sit here and listen to “Let It Go” on the Ryan Seacreast New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show, I sit back and realize what a great 2014 our farm and family enjoyed.  As with any year on a dairy farm, there are always highs AND lows.  But overall our farm and family had a pretty fantastic year.  Here are some of the highlights:

Dairy Cow Shows – Our family participated in a record number of cows shows in 2014. We had the pleasure to participate, develop friendships, and make memories at the 1st Annual Evergreen Junior Dairy Show, Lewis County Youth Fair, Washington State Black and White Show (1st time!!), Southwest Washington Fair, Pacific County Fair, Western National Jersey Show, Western National Brown Swiss Show, FFA Dairy Show for Lewis County and Washington State, and the 4-H Lewis County and Washington State Fair.  Here are some of the photo highlights:


The 2014 Washington State Black and White Show



Junior Champion – Grand Champion Female Washington State Black and White Show


Washington State 4-H Show Junior and Intermediate Fit and Show Champion

New Calf Barn – We are almost finished with our new calf barn.  At this point we have raised almost 75 heifers in this new facility.  It is so amazing how a new facility does so much to help such a critical component of our farm.  Raising healthy heifers helps transition to healthy productive milk cows.  Here are some highlights of our new calf barn:


The doors we uses to move in and out with tractors.

The doors we uses to move in and out with tractors.

IMG_1818 IMG_1817Healthy Happy Family – I am happy to say we have had a wonderful year as a family.  We had one child enter high school as well as our youngest 2 are now middle school kids.  We have transitioned to a whole new high school environment as well as a new principal at our Catholic School.  Our kids love school, love to play sports, and enjoy the farm.  While every day is clearly NOT “disney” happy, in general we are proud of what we were able to accomplish in 2014 and we are looking forward to what we can accomplish in 2015.  A few of our highlights:


2014 National Holstein Convention


First day of snowboarding and it was successful!!

First day of snowboarding and it was successful!!


2014 Western National Brown Swiss Show


Too many great accomplishments to list with Zach’s favorite show cow!!

Looking forward to a new year with so many possibilities!!  We have many goals and stay tuned to see what the goals are for our farm and family for 2015!!  In the mean time, I will enjoy the rest of the Ryan Seacrest New Year’s Eve Rockin’ Party.  The ONLY time I will enjoy Ryan Seacrest……..                                                    

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