2 Weeks and 2 Fairs!!

The Schilter Family survived 2 different fairs over the past few weeks.  We enjoyed many successes and a few disappointments.  If you have not had the opportunity to visit your local county fair please do so.  Nothing says small town USA than the local county fair.  Even if you live in the “big” city, there is a fair somewhere near where you live.

The Southwest Washington Fair is an amazing 6 day fair that features 4-H, 2 Demolition Derbies, plenty of yummy food, and opportunities to reconnect with friends.  Our kids had the opportunity to show both 4-H Poultry and Dairy.  Additionally, Cassy ventured into 4-H sewing and did her Dairy Demonstration.  Zach had the chance to present his Dairy Demonstration as well.  Joey was able to show his heifer “Beck” in the Open Class Dairy show and definitely showed he is ready to join 4-H next year.

The Pacific County Fair is a small 4 day fair that takes place in Menlo, Washington.  If you want to see a local community come together and support each other, this is definitely the place.  The weather was amazing and all the kids did an amazing job showing off their Dairy 4-H animals.  Now…… it is time to get ready for school and prepare for the Puyallup Fair. The Puyallup Fair is the state fair for Western Washington.  Zach and Cassy will have the opportunity to show their Dairy Project animals.  Additionally, Zach will be showing in the Western Nation Jersey Show and The Junior Showmanship Contest.

Zach and his cow YoYo. YoYo won the Jersey Show for the 2012 Southwest Washington 4-H Fair.

Cassy showing Stuffing in the 2012 Southwest Washington Junior Fit and Show Contest.

Zach concentrating on the dairy questions during the 2012 Southwest Washington 4-H Quiz Bowl Contest.

Zach showing his Reserve Champion Fit and Show at the 2012 Pacific County Fair.

Sewing, Dairy Cows, Chickens and Zucchini??

Well, this has been a crazy week.  My daughter and I have started our journey into the 4-H sewing world.  Fashion Revue, Modeling, Consumer Review, and set-up.  This sewing thing is pretty involved.  All at the same time, the kids are washing, clipping, and leading their dairy project animals.  Life is pretty hectic around the farm.  Sunday, the chickens will enter the frenzy.  Bubble baths and blow outs for 12 chickens.  My washroom will be a disaster for a few hours.

Did I mention the zucchini have started to arrive??  As a good friend of my said “Lock your doors, it is zucchini time”.  I have all ready taken 1 load to a friend and started to comb my cookbooks for 1000 different ways to cook and freeze zucchini.  I just finished a Chocolate Zucchini Cake and the house smells so yummy.  Next is Zucchini tots and Zucchini Pizza.  We will enjoy quite a variety of zucchini dishes by the time we get to November.  Off to cook…..

4-H and Fair Time!!

As the mother of 2 4-H kids this is such a hectic time of year.  The kids put the finishing touches on their 4-H Record Books and now the books are ready for judging.  It is now time to start working with some animals so they will lead in the show ring.  As a “city” girl, I have had quite an education about what it takes to get  heifer ready for the fair.  Besides teaching a cow to lead in a circle, she needs a bath, a haircut, and someone needs to scrub her feet.  I am a pretty compulsive planner so my kids have come to realize that I like to be over prepared.  Sometimes their animals have not embraced that idea.  Even the most prepared 4-H kids can have an animal that has just decided “no way, I am not walking anywhere with anyone today”.

This is Zach and he is showing Emmy Moo.  She is a Red and White Holstein Winter Yearling Heifer and she loves to show her stuff.

This is Cassy Jo and she is showing Stuffing.  Stuffing is a Black and White Junior Heifer Calf.  Her intense black color catches your eye in the show ring.

The kids are working with their animals and every day up until we move into the fair they will lead their animals and get them used to walking in a circle with a show halter.  Stay tuned!! It should be a great fair season!!