2 Weeks and 2 Fairs!!

The Schilter Family survived 2 different fairs over the past few weeks.  We enjoyed many successes and a few disappointments.  If you have not had the opportunity to visit your local county fair please do so.  Nothing says small town USA than the local county fair.  Even if you live in the “big” city, thereContinue reading “2 Weeks and 2 Fairs!!”

Sewing, Dairy Cows, Chickens and Zucchini??

Well, this has been a crazy week.  My daughter and I have started our journey into the 4-H sewing world.  Fashion Revue, Modeling, Consumer Review, and set-up.  This sewing thing is pretty involved.  All at the same time, the kids are washing, clipping, and leading their dairy project animals.  Life is pretty hectic around theContinue reading “Sewing, Dairy Cows, Chickens and Zucchini??”