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Dairy Farming through the eyes of a former "city" girl. I am blessed to be able to work along side my husband of over 20 years and help care for our cows, calves, and beautiful farm.

This Time of Year

May 12, 2020

This time of year is all about silage and beating the weather. We have had a run of nice weather so it has been farming at “100 MPH” and get as much done while the sun is shining. I will admit I love driving this tractor. Over the last few days I have spent my time mowing, catching up on podcasts, and enjoying watching my son, daughter, dad, father-in-law, and husband put in long hours getting as much grass chopped as possible. Today was no exception. All the weather apps said rain by 400 pm so it was GO! GO! GO! Well, the rain did not happen. The same weather apps are predicting tomorrow will be rainy. We shall see when the sun rises.

My daughter is a serious soccer player. Most serious athletes have a favorite recovery drink. I’m happy to say my daughter has never liked the traditional “go to” recovery drinks. Thankfully science has provided great proof that chocolate milk is an excellent choice. Many colleges and schools are using chocolate milk as the preferred sports …

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I am sure you are wondering what is the relationship between Autism and Labor Issues? We are currently experiencing the “lack” of a reliable employee on our farm. Yes, we had a millennial age employee decide to just not show up for work. To be honest, we were given a heads up when she posted …

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