Bucket List Item #1 “Fertilizer Buggy Driver”

As a dairy farmer, we tend to have bucket list items that include amazing vacations to amazing destinations, meeting important people in our industry, or achieving an important recognition from our peers.  I have a “Bucket List Item” I added a few years ago.

Fertilizer Applicator Buggy Driver


Wilco Fertilizer Applicator

Look at this awesome thing!!  Who wouldn’t want to drive this cool piece of equipment for a few days.  It doesn’t get stuck, it is HUGE, and no one would mess with the woman driving it!!

So why is this amazing piece of equipment parked at the farm.  In the fall, we apply hydrated lime to our fields.  When we transitioned to organic dairy farming, it became crucial to manage our pastures as best as we could.  The traditional practice of manure application did not supply enough nutrients to encourage good grass growth.  We tried fish manure – so smelly and disgusting that I made my husband strip in the garage, wash his own clothes, and then maybe I would cook him dinner.  The spreader was lame and IT SMELLED AWFUL TOO!!!  By far the hydrated lime has work quite nicely on all of our fields.  So one day I hope to convince one of the nice Wilco guys to give me a crash driving course.  This is one bucket list item that shouldn’t cost me much and will keep me close to home!!