“Let it Go” and enjoy the Turkey and Dairy!!

I heard on the radio that the average calorie consumption for Thanksgiving is something like 4000 calories!!!  Holy Cow!!  That is a ton of calories, thank goodness Thanksgiving only happens once a year.  With that said, 2 of my priorities are eating right and working out every day.  Growing up in California, I believe this becomes a focus for quite a few people.  Even though I am 45, happily married with 3 amazing children, and lead a fairly healthy lifestyle it is difficult for me to “Let it Go” and eat whatever I want , one day a year.

I guess I need to lighten up, “Let it Go”,  and enjoy the turkey and the fixins’.  After all, I host Thanksgiving at our house so I should be able to eat whatever I want.  If I am going to let it go I believe I should at least consume as many calories from dairy as possible.  Just think of all the options – mashed potatoes with butter (I add heavy whipping cream when mashing), rolls with butter, turkey basted with butter, cornbread stuffing with butter, pumpkin pie with real whipped cream, pecan pie with whipped cream, cheese plate appetizers, fruit salad with whipped cream, my options are unlimited!!  Don’t forget the Egg Nog!!  I guess I need to enjoy the day and be thankful for all my blessings and all the amazing dairy products that make the Thanksgiving dinner so yummy!!  FYI – I am doing a 5K turkey trot in the morning……. I am sure this will make me feel a little less guilty when I grab a second piece of pie.


A sample Thanksgiving Menu. Look at all the Dairy possibilities!!