What Does Tomorrow Look Like?

If I had a dime for every time I hear “the new normal” every day I think I would be able to take a nice long amazing vacation. I hear it every day and say it every day too. We are 2 months into the “stay home stay healthy” order in my state. I think it time to stop staying the “new normal”. My son has been doing online tutoring for 2 months. My daughter has been practicing soccer at home for 2 months and tonight we have a parent/player meeting via ZOOM. I can not tell you how many meetings I have via webex, zoom, skype. I follow the arrows in the store and we are trying to support local restaurants/coffee shops. I know life will never be the same, even with the introduction of a vaccine. At the end of the day I will continue to adjust to the “new normal” and help my family figure out how we come out better on the other side of this shut down. Until then I will keep washing my hands, wearing a face mask when required, following arrows in stores, and be grateful for my family and farm.

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